"Now our hearts have touched."

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Favourite Moments from Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (6/?)

- From Episode 3: When Knowledge Conquered Fear

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We all know who the truest detective is.




Fallout 3 - Posters

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"the perfect integration of human will and alien technology" -The Signal (2014) [x]

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The Signal (2014)

Dir. William Eubank

"Can you recall for me, the first time you encountered, the signal?"    

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The Signal screenshots / dir: William Eubank / Laurence Fishburne / USA / 2014 / cinematography by David Lanzenberg / Trailer

Ezt egy nappal a megnézése után sem tudom eldönteni hogy jó volt-e, közepesen szar, vagy pocsék. 6/10

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The Signal (2014)


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